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Jewelry Store Billboard

Arthur's Jewelers   A simple but effective billboard created for a jewelry store known for its large selection of diamonds.   This...

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Candy Ad

Swedish Fish   This print ad was designed to address the many copy-cat "fish" candy products on the market. Comparing...

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C.P.A.P. Ad

Probasics   This client had developed a new, more compact CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine to help those suffering...

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Milk Ad

Jersey Fresh Skim Milk   A New Jersey company introduced a locally produced skim milk, free of fat, antibiotics and...

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Resort Ad

Sanibel Island Resort   Two print ads from a series of ads for a vacation resort on Sanibel Island, Florida.   We...

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Hotel Brochure

Marriott Hanover   This is the cover of a 9 x 12 pocket folder created for the Hanover Marriott highlighting...

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