Profitable "Do It Yourself" Event Marketing For Less
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“DIY” Event Marketing

Jewelry Store Event Marketing is an area where we have plenty of experience. If your “brick and mortar” store is closing, liquidating, remodeling, moving, or just having a big sale, we can help.

Profitable Event Marketing you can do yourself


Unlike the big guys, we won’t put a salesperson in your store to watch over sales. You’re in complete control of your own event.


We’ll create a budget that you approve and a schedule that will optimize the timing and duration of your event. We’ll look at all of the options for advertising, work up a media plan and supply the creative for signs, ads, billboards, radio spots, TV spots, etc. We’ll supply web banners and ads for your website and social media presence. Vendors bill you directly for media space and printed materials – at cost – resulting in more profit for you.

Why pay more if you don’t have to?


We do all of this for a small percentage of the overall budget, usually half of what you’d pay the other guys. Tell us about your inventory and sales and we’ll give you our best estimate of what your sale will look like and how small our fee will be.*  It’s that simple.


We’d be happy to discuss your business and gladly supply references of recent sales.

Sample Newspaper Ad
Sample Newspaper Ad

Custom-designed print, web and broadcast advertisements placed in local media outlets call attention to your event.

Sample Window Signs
Sample Window Signs

Multiple custom-designed window signs advertise the increasing percentage ``off`` as the sale continues.

Call or email us now for a no-obligation discussion on how you can get more profits in your pocket.



*Studio31 does not guarantee any sale amount but does establish a sales goal that may be fulfilled if all media and merchandising materials in the plan provided are executed.