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Direct Mail Marketing

Jeweler Anniversary Publication
Jeweler Anniversary Publication

Windsor Jewelers published their own magazine celebrating their 30th aniversary.

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Print is not dead!


Direct mail remains one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to reach existing and potential customers, even when compared to some social media and internet marketing efforts.

In the US, direct mail advertising is the largest single advertising medium totaling over $50 billion per year, or about 35 percent of all annual advertising expenditure.*

If you want to communicate with your customers, drive sales, increase brand awareness and market reach, we can help determine if a direct mail program is the right fit for your business.


How? We research your market to find the best use of advertising dollars in your overall marketing mix. Already have a customer mailing list? We’ll analyze your current database, define your demographic and develop a highly targeted marketing list to match. The more we learn about your ideal customer, the easier they are to reach and sell. And by regularly updating and refining your list, we can eliminate more “non-customers” which will result in less expensive and more effective mailings.


Once we’ve helped you figure out the “who?” and “where?”, we focus on the “what?” – what will promote name recognition of your business and encourage customers to contact you? Through attention-getting visuals and carefully crafted messages, we can design direct mail pieces with promotions and calls-to-action that bring measurable results.



Holiday Men's Night Postcard
Holiday Men's Night Postcard

Direct mail postcard sent to men just before the holidays.