Reach the right customers with targeted display ads and geofencing
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Targeted Display Advertising

Reach the right customer

in the right place at the right time.

Targeted Display AdsHow would you like to reach potential customers shopping at your competitors? AND reach your ideal customers with targeted ads on the sites they frequent? Studio31 Marketing offers a way to reach potential customers by identifying specific targeting demographics, behaviors, keyword targeting + retargeting, and mobile “geofencing”.


Think about the cost of a newspaper ad and how it runs one day only to everyone that buys the paper. With digital ads, your potential customer is seeing your ad all month long and only people that have an interest in your product are seeing your ad.  No wasted ad dollars!


We’ll need to know what type of ads you’ll want to run, i.e. general “gift-giving” ads for the holidays or maybe focus on bridal or watches. Then, you specify who your typical shopper is, including the appropriate income level for your area. Studio31 will develop display ads for you and will run them on websites appropriate for your specific campaign parameters. It’s that simple. You’re guaranteed the total number of impressions and can rest assured they’re being shown to customers that matter!

  • 116,000 Display plus 50,000 Mobile

    166,500 Total Impressions

  • 166,650
    Total Impressions

* Campaigns must run a minimum of two consecutive months OR double the monthly investment for double the impressions in a single month.

How it works:


  • Using demographic and geographic data, we work with you to create a profile of your ideal customer.
  • This profile will determine what websites or mobile apps your customers are visiting and your ads will be targeted to those sites.
  • The profile will also indicate what your customers are searching for (ie: engagement rings, watches, etc) which will help us develop keywords that can be loaded into your campaign. Your ads will be delivered to sites where customers are searching for those terms.
  • Matching your ad criteria to the right audience is critical so it’s important to have the right criteria selected, which we can help you do.
  • We use digital display ad networks which allow ads on websites with content targeted to the specific audience you want to reach. Note: Since ad placement is based on your criteria and the availability of space on the sites in the network, we won’t know which specific sites your ad will appear on in advance.
What is keyword targeting?

Keyword targeting allows your ad to be displayed to specific users based on the web pages they visit that contain keywords important to you. Using keyword targeting puts you in front of consumers while they are researching your product or service.

What is behavioral targeting?

Behavioral targeting allows you to show your ad to specific consumers based on their previous online behavior. Behavioral categories are groups of consumers with defined interests and needs including people who have already demonstrated an interest in your product or service. Tapping into these categories is important so that you can influence these interested consumers to take action and come into your store to make a purchase.

What is geofencing?

“Geofencing” is a location-based service allowing you to send messages to mobile device users who enter a very defined geographic area. You can send promotions to customers’ smartphones when they enter a neighborhood, mall or even a specific store.

Why is geofencing valuable?

Imagine sending a targeted offer to a customer in a mall or even a competitor’s parking lot, you may be able to steer them away by offering rewards, such as gift cards or coupons, for walking into your store instead.
Companies can also target customers of businesses that offer complementary products. For example, a florist could geofence an area around a neighboring jewelry store, with the rationale that, if people are shopping for jewelry, they may want to pick up flowers as well. When a customer walks up to a jewelry store, they receive a discount offer for a bouquet of flowers.
Targeting customers that are nearby lets businesses tailor offers based on local events or holidays. For example, a florist could run targeted ads for 20 percent off bouquets in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. Their ads could pop up in an app someone was using when they entered a specified area. The ad could be a click-through to a map that shows the florist’s location and how to get to the store.

Call or e-mail us for a no-obligation discussion on how we can create targeted ads for your business using geofencing!