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The team at Studio31 Marketing
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Claire L. Curry


Beginning her career in finance and accounting, Claire moved from the accounting and agency management side of the business to creative development and account management. Finding it much more interesting and exciting, Claire thrives in our creative environment and her clients love the fact that she never stops thinking about their business and what new and exciting things she can do for them. Her husband is also very grateful because when she is thinking about her clients, she is not thinking of things she wants or needs him to do.


Skilled in planning and purchasing all types of media, including radio, television, print, social and digital media, Claire can create a campaign for your business that works within your budget and gets you the attention and customers you deserve.

Frank J. Pish


Frank has been in advertising for over thirty years. Starting as a part-time production artist after graduating from DuCret School of the Arts, Frank has been responsible for overseeing his company’s artistic product as the Senior Art Director for over twenty-five years. Frank has worked or freelanced in a wide range of disciplines from corporate identity design to television commercial production. “The variety of projects is what makes this profession fun,” he says, “that and the wonderful, talented people I have been able to work with.”


Frank’s responsibilities include overseeing the creative and ensuring the delivery of a consistently high-quality product (and defrosting the office refrigerator, which, by the way, is long overdue).


In his free time, you’ll find Frank enjoying time with his wife, riding his motorcycle, or volunteering at his local Moose Lodge.

Helen M. Nardone


Although her high school guidance counselor tried to talk her out of it, Helen followed her heart and pursued a degree in fine art / graphic design and has never regretted that decision! She feels very fortunate to have spent her entire career working in a field that she truly enjoys and regularly volunteers her talents for local, non-profit organizations.


Her passion for beautiful, well-designed things, her formal education and her in-the-trenches experience in the advertising field allow her to look at each project as a challenge in creating the best visual solutions for our clients in print and digital media. And although graphic design is her expertise, Helen also writes effective ad copy, manages projects, works with clients and the Studio31 team to develop ideas, meet tight deadlines and achieve successful results.


In order to stay highly organized and meticulous in her work, Helen maintains a sense of humor (and a stash of dark chocolate), practices meditation and gets away from her computer for a short walk and some fresh air every day.